NACE International Gateway India Section (NIGIS) was established in 1992. NIGIS has become of the largest and most active sections of NACE International through its significant efforts for the promotion of corrosion awareness in India.

With more than 1100 members, NIGIS has organized over 197 CIP Level 1,2 & Peer Review, CIP 2 Maritime Emphasis, Nuclear Power Plant course, O-CAT, PCS 2, Basic Corrosion, Direct Assessment, Internal Corrosion For Pipeline, Refinery Corrosion and Cathodic Protection 1, 2 & 3 certification courses of NACE International besides hosting 24 annual conferences. To commemorate Corrosion Awareness Day, NIGIS presents awards to individuals and institutions for their contributions to corrosion awareness and developments in the field of corrosion science and technology. The Gateway India Section sponsors two student chapters, one each in Mumbai and Chennai / Kalpakkam. In 2013, NIGIS South Zone Student Section had organized “CORSYM “ the first NACE corrosion conference for students.

NIGIS is committed to enhance the quality and range of its services through activities in the field of corrosion awareness by dissemination of knowledge regarding corrosion, its protection and control, in India and worldwide.